National Opera Day

My music taste has been described as random, hardcore, and often “Are you really listening to doo-wop?” In my weird menagerie of music, opera is a genre that I adore; however, I never seem to have time to fully explore it. Unless it is added to metal, then I will become obsessed with it, or already am.

Opera +Heavy Metal = Glorious Music

Anyway, I was not introduced to opera until college. I instantly fell in love. I did not understand a word that was being sung, but I felt it. There is something about listening to a singer that you can feel resonating inside your body. Also, some of the storylines are pretty awesome.

In honor of National Opera Day, I will forgo my normal metal music mix. Instead, I will spend the day getting to know more about Opera. If you have any recommendations, please post them in the comment section.

Happy National Opera Day.


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