A Blog’s Draft Folder: An Exploration of Failed ideas

This blog has been around since May 2013. In the time since its creation, Ideas have come and gone and posts have evolved and devolved.

A good way to see the changes that have occurred in a blog and in a person behind it is to look at their blog’s draft folder. My blog’s draft folder is like a trashcan mixed with half thought out ideas meshed with random “What was I thinking?” posts. I even have a few posts that  I was too worried, afraid, or uncertain to post, mostly political rantings.

Why do some ideas get published and some are half written and left to the Land of the Forgotten? This very post sat in the draft folder for at least two weeks before I decided to toss it onto the pile of published posts. Part of the answer might be laziness; however, sometimes change is more sudden than we expect. Ideas and moods change. We change. Sometimes that change is as simple as being sober enough to realize your drunken rant does not belong on the internet.


For my blogging friends, go take a gander in your draft folder. Is it clean and well organized or is it a trashcan of failed ideas? Maybe you will learn something about yourself.


Image used from http://all-free-download.com/free-vector/download/folder-icon-vector-vector_533494.html

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