Curmudgeon Day, Really?

Well, I was not going to post two blogs in one day; however, while procrastinating, I learned that it was Curmudgeon Day.

According to Merriam Webster, A curmudgeon is a crusty, ill-tempered person, usually a man.

Maybe I am being a curmudgeon, but do we really need to appreciate people that don’t really appreciate anything? Hm. Maybe that is the point?  Is curmudgeon day is really designed to annoy the very people it is supposed to appreciate? Interesting.

Today is also Bubble Wrap Day.

Tomorrow is Yodel for Your Neighbors Day.

Who decides these things?

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    1. I think 3 am is the perfect time to show your appreciation for bubble wrap, either that or a parade. Louis is smart enough to know that to fully appreciate bubble wrap you need silence, or a parade big enough to block out all other sounds. LoL

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