Welcome Back

I can finally say that the holiday season is over. Yes, I realize that it is already mid-January; however, the holidays seemed to start early and drag on this season. I did manage to make it through the holidays with only pissing off a few people.

Sarcasm still remains my blessing and curse.

Anyway, this means I can get back to writing and general life happenings.  On the writing front. I am staring at a few different projects wishing a muse would dance into my head and compel me towards one; however, due to the lack of mythological Greek goddesses in my life, I am forced to chose one.

Am I too old for Eeny Meeny Miny Moe?

The practical part of me, which I think I have, tells me to get up-to-date on projects that involve other people, editing work and whatnot. Another part of me just wants to get immersed in my own writing, blogging not included sorry. Immersing myself in writing is a form of meditation when things are flowing well. When things are not flowing well, it feels more like self-inflicted torture. Both bring some form of satisfaction.

A touch of balance might be in order here, and more sleep.

Did you take a writing break for the holidays? If so, how did you get back on the ole writing mule?

Does this mean I have to get back on the blogging mule too?

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