Good Bye NaNo. Hello never-ending​ Holiday Music.

As NaNoWriMo wraps up, we find ourselves transitioning from a time of overwriting to a time of never writing. From NaNo to No Go.

I always have trouble finding time to write during the holiday season. Parties, shopping, family gatherings, and decorating seem to fill up every available minute. It does not matter how in-the-zone I am with a writing project, I feel guilty pulling myself away from the seasonal duties of the holidays.

My guilt is not unfounded. When someone travels from out-of-town, they do so to see you, or your cute child, in my case. Tell a room filled with loved ones that you need to sneak away to get some work done, and you will be berated by a symphony of “You can do that later.” and “What is more important, family or your little writing project.”

To deal with holiday duties, I learned to deal with less sleep and to try to slip away without being noticed when an opportunity presents itself. Get up a little earlier or stay up a little later to keep yourself on target. With a little luck, occasionally you will be able to slide away for a few minutes during a gathering or after finishing other duties early. Just remember not to announce you are going to go to work, people will feel sorry for you and guilt you into not working, which just leads to more work in the end.

Do you have problems staying on top of your projects during the Holidays?


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