Can Live and Let Live Work in a Modern Society?

Rant Beginning.

Oh, No! America is split. It is all over the news.

Americans are divided, split, and even separated from our American brothers and sisters.

Whatever shall we do?

Interestingly, people act like this is a recent phenomenon. America has always been divided, people just used to have more tact.

Live and Let Live used to be the motto of most Americans. For better or for worse, people tried to ignore the faults of their next-door neighbors and be polite, as long as the person was not breaking the law.

“Oh, Mr. Smith next door is a raving lunatic? Keep the kids away from him, but let’s bring him dinner to make sure he has something to eat. We don’t have to agree with his ranting, but he is entitled to his beliefs.”

We still have the raving lunatics running around, but we are no longer willing to tolerate their opinions, lifestyles, or their faces. It seems we just elect them into political offices.

When did tolerance and tact become obsolete? Well, politics seems to have become a game focused on putting the most extreme candidate into office.


Here are America’s New Mottos:

Screw Compromising for the good of everyone.

Screw Enforcing the Separation of Church and State.

Screw Striving for America to be seen as an asset to the world.

Screw Understanding that beliefs different from yours can be valid.

Screw Encouraging young people’s curiosity about anything scientific.

Screw Accepting American’s past and trying to make her future better for everyone.


Instead of striving for a better more equal society, we are subjected to the whims of people that can’t even begin to understand what the average American even is. We are now forced to live under their version of what an American should be.

Is there any way we can go back?


The two sides of the spectrum see two very different Americas. Unfortunately, one side will have to lose this battle. Our ideals of a better future seem lost forever. Too many rich people are too focused on controlling and constructing what it means to be American.

Rant Completed.

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