The Change of Adulting

Every couple of days, I see a new post about how millennials are ruining something. Sometimes it is a post about the horrors of millennials, and sometimes it is a post about a post mocking a post about the horrors of millennials.

As often as I see these posts, I am amazed the world has survived.

I am a cusp millennial. I fall at the edge of generation X and the millennial generation but still sit firmly in the millennial section.

I guess this allows me to complain about all generations?

Every time I see one of those annoying posts about how the millennial generation has killed something else, I try to take a step back and figure out the logic behind the post, if there is any. This reflection makes make analyze the state of my world and the world of the millennials I know.

For many of these posts, one thing always pops out. Adulting has changed. When my parents became adults, they did what was expected: got married, had kids, bought a house, plunged toilets, and cut grass. Their lives seemed already predetermined.

Their hobbies changed. There were adult hobbies and kid hobbies. Comic books were for kids. Games were for kids, except for bridge and golf it seems.

Millennials don’t buy that shit.

I have been a gamer, comic book reader, dirty romance lover, and anime geek for all of my older millennial years. One of the big changes that started to happen with generation X was that young adults no longer wanted to give up their hobbies deemed childish. Millennials, of course, took this to infinity and beyond.

I think this change began with Generation X. Finally, something we can blame on them. Of course, millennials took this change to infinity and beyond.

We appear to like to test boundaries.

We refused to follow the path that TV sitcoms set for us. While every generation has many different types of people, the millennials I know seem to have a few things in common. We seem to settle down in our thirties, if ever. We have kids later. We don’t buy houses until much later. We are obsessed with health foods and health fads. And we don’t give up our loves and more childish interests/hobbies just because they have been deemed childish in the past.

Honestly, who would want to give up epic Lego building?

Of course, complaining about younger generations seems to be the one thing all generations will eventually have in common. I am sure when we are older, some of us will complain about those young whippersnappers and yell for people to get off our lawns.

What do you think? Are older generations just doomed to always complain about the younger ones?

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