Two Types of People

There are two types of people in the world.

The type that can take papercuts, and possibly bullet wounds without blinking an eye.

The type that believes papercuts are akin to breaking a bone and almost bleeding to death.

I am the second type.

One of the more fun aspects of parenthood is getting to experience your child’s personality unfold. Even at a young age, humans vary in their manor, patience, empathy, and ability to tolerate the shit of others.

Today, my daughter got her first papercut. It was the first time I had ever seen her bleed.

Score one for me as a parent.

I was reading a board book to her. Of course, only being 9 months old, she was only interested in grabbing and turning the pages, but I was practicing my horrid acting skills playing the various characters in the story.

Sad, I know.

A few pages into the book, I noticed there was blood on it and knew it was not mine. I automatically started freaking out, and it was not even my papercut. My daughter had gotten a papercut on her thumb and did not seem to notice it. She was bleeding everywhere. The book still has blood stains. She only got frustrated when I tried to clean up the blood and her thumb. She did not even seem to notice her papercut and blood trail on the book.

I was shocked.

Just a few days prior, I was sorting papers in need of shredding, and I got a papercut. Immediately, I began employing a more colorful vocabulary. This was followed by intermediately shaking and chewing on my finger. It bloody hurt. After 15 minutes, 4 paper towels, and two Star Wars band-aids, I was ready to rejoin the civilized world.

Compare my tolerance of papercuts to my 9 month-old’s, and you will see the two types of people of the world. Given her age, I will never know if she actually noticed her papercut; however, she persisted on and ignored her papercut. On the other hand, I acted like a stereotypical baby. At least I did not cry, or at least I will never admit to crying.

My 9 month-old is already a better person than me.

I think I am okay with that.

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