Waiting For

Lately, life has felt like a series of fast paced moments with long stretches of waiting in between. While I do from time to time enjoy a hurry up and wait lifestyle, thank you military life, lately, it seems more tiresome to wait than actually do something. What am I waiting for? I don’t quite know.

To some people, not knowing what you are waiting on could seem absurd; however, if you have ever undergone a large transition that left you unable to predict where you would be in a year, you might understand the feeling.

I am at the tail end of my unknown waiting period. Last year, within a 7 month period, my life completely changed. My college life came to its natural end, my internship ended, and I had my first child. All of these events happened so quickly that it was difficult to readjust to my new life without feeling empty and missing what had ended. I have taken until now to start re-establishing my own aspirations; babies seem to slow everything to a crawl.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I have had to re-evaluate my entire life. The option of returning to life as it was before that 7 month period is not an option. I am a different person, and I am still getting to know her. At least I know the crazy cat lady gene survived.

Have you ever gone through so much change that you had to be reintroduced to yourself? How did you overcome it?


Image used from http://all-free-download.com

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