To the Classics I Might Never Read

book_with_bookmark_311388Evidently, today is Frankenstein Day.

Why today? August 30th was Mary Shelley’s Birthday. She was born 30 August, 1797 and died 1 February, 1851, exciting right? Maybe it would be a little better if we called is Mary Shelley Day; after all, we are honoring her, not her novel, but I did not chose the holiday.

Now I get to admit how almost sad I am, I have never read Frankenstein. I have read every Jane Austen novel, yet not Frankenstein.

I accidentally took a Jane Austen class, and kinda liked a few of them. Don’t judge me too harshly.

Frankenstein has been #2 on my must read list for over a year. Why have I never read it? I blame #1 on my list, Dracula by Bram Stoker.

After graduating last year, I decided I would make a list of classic novels throughout history that I had not read, and make an effort to read them. Dracula, Frankenstein, Catch 22, War and Peace, and The Canterbury Tales were just a few on my list.

I read anywhere from 3 to 10 books a month, depending on my mood. I was so excited to start knocking books off my list, but I admit that I started Dracula with so much baggage from vampire movies, various TV shoes, and the huge amount of Paranormal Romance novels that it never stood a chance. Halfway through the novel, and two weeks later, I could not go on.

I am sure there are millions of people that love Dracula, and at the time, I felt guilty that I too could not enjoy this classic piece of literature. Was something wrong with me? Nope.

Stoker does not interesting things with his novel. Some of the descriptions are wonderful, but for me, the story did not keep me entertained.  The story was written for an audience with different sensibilities. I really wanted to enjoy it. I love dark and horror-ish things, but I am a creature of my time. My books either need to be steamy or fast paced, preferably both.

My experience with Dracula has made me less enthusiastic to go through the rest of my list. Do I want to waste what little time I have forcing myself to read novels just because they are considered classic or more refined? No. Honestly, I would rather read someone else’s more lively interpretation of the original, for some classics at least. Unless you are going to grade me on it.

So happy Frankenstein day!

One day, I might give the rest of the novels on my list the same fighting chance I gave Dracula, or just read Beowulf again for the thousandth time.

Anyone out there like Frankenstein? What classics or historical novels do you love?

What Classic or Historical novel would you recommend?

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