It has been a few weeks since I told myself that I would post at least one blog a week, on this blog. Today I hunkered down, determined to write; however, I have been sitting here in a sleepy food induced coma, without the even the smallest idea popping into my head; that is until I pondered what I was lacking in the moment to write, and lacking inspiration give me inspiration to write about inspiration.

Amusing, I know.

I need to have a brainstorming session, soon.


For the other writers and bloggers out there, where do you come up with your ideas? Do you rely on the muse to smack you over the head with ideas? Do you force yourself to write even if you don’t have any ideas?

For my side writing, blogging and fiction, I typically fall into team muse; however, I am trying to force myself to write on a schedule, in all areas of my writing life. I have so many different writing projects going right now, some fun and some not so fun, and I have determined that waiting for inspiration would piss a lot of people off, not just me.

It would be funny to tell a client that that I am not done on-time because I don’t have the inspiration to finish their project, but business and professionalism dictates that I write on schedule.

Now I am trying to follow this same principle with my other writing, except I am the client, and not the understanding type.

If I don’t have the inspiration to write a scene; I write what I need out of the scene. This method works well for getting my ideas flowing, also giving me the satisfaction of getting something accomplished, which is important for my motivation. Fickle motivation. Left to my natural devices, I would read or play games all day, eating and showering optional.

How do you keep yourself motivation and beat the muse empty moments that come with writing?





  1. If I’m sick or really need sleep, I won’t write. I’ll get fully recharged first. Before I sleep, I order my deep subconscious to process all data files and produce an idea. Weird, huh? It works about half the time.
    Other times, I’ll look for writing prompts, write in my personal journal, read a new book, or go out and try something new. A new food, new locale, new hobby. The muse is really the sum of our data, sifted and recombined in new and interesting ways.

    1. Sleep is essential for me too, especially if I need to edit something. A while ago, I read some book on creative inspiration, which I can’t remember the name of lol, my one take away from it was that every creative person should go out and experience new things alone. Taking that advice, I often take myself out to lunch, go see a movie alone, or just find somewhere to wander alone. It helps me focus on me and my own endeavors. Those new experiences do definitely help me break through writer’s block. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I write almost daily with the Daily Prompt that comes up in the reader. I’m just starting to write so I’m certainly far from professional but sometimes something as simple as a word gets my mind thinking about things I haven’t thought about in years.

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