StoryTime: My husband’s Wasted $200 Gift

My husband is overly cautious, to put it politely. As a computer scientist, he is always very concerned with any information submitted on the internet, phone, and even snail mail.

One day, about 6 months ago, we received a small manila envelope in the mail, addressed to him. It contained a letter talking about missing artifacts in the family and some newspaper clippings. I would be more descriptive in explaining the items; however, they freaked my husband out so bad that he insisted they be thrown away.

A few months later, we received small wooden crate in the mail. In it were more clippings and a creepy looking statue. My husband’s first reaction was to try to throw it away. Just before he got the items to the trash, I convinced him to do a little internet research before throwing anything away, like the awesome statue.

It did not take that long to figure out that it was not some creepy hoax trying to poison us or steal what little money we have; it was a sort of puzzle that we were supposed to figure out. Someone had signed us up for this thinking it would be something we would enjoy.

My husband instantly felt guilty. A family member had spend around $200 for this to be sent to us. We could have just gone back and figured out the puzzle, if he had not thrown some of the letters, clues, away without me getting a hold of them. He said they freaked him out, so he threw anything sent to us from the first letter’s address away. I think he thought it was a paper version of he phishing emails.

It was not all a failure. The statue we got sent at the end is pretty creepy and cool looking. We did apologize profusely to his family member for tossing away some of the letters, kinda wasting their money. I do have plans to send something similar to my brother; however, I will let his wife know what is going on. That way she can keep him from tossing everything and getting freaked out. Hopefully, it will have better results with one person knowing it is safe.

If anyone is interested, the packages we got were from The Mysterious Package Company, link below. Hindsight being better and whatnot, it was pretty cool. I am glad I know that stuff like this exists.

Has anyone else had an experience with something like this? If so, how did it work out for you?




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