The Defenders

Finally. I have been waiting for this show to drop since it was first announced. After enjoying 75% of the Marvel TV shows, I have been anxious and hoping Iron Fist’s involvement will be minimal. If only they listened to fans.

Jessica Jones’s and Luke Cage’s series were amazing. Dark, different, and filled with great characterization. The characters felt real and relatable. Iron Fist tried to be quirky and keep the same feel of the other shows; and it failed. Some people seemed to like it and that is what matters. Honestly, I did not make it past the third or forth episode.

As far as The Defenders, I am 6 episodes in. I am not ready to cheer, but so far so good. Thus far, Iron Fist is the weakest point, as expected. Unfortunately, he is essential for the plot. Maybe he will shine in the last two episodes? I will see tonight.

Less Iron Fist and more Jessica Jones, please.

Has anyone else gotten through it? What did you think? No spoilers! If you are not watching The Defenders, what are you watching or reading?


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