Black Cat Appreciation Day

Any day cats are appreciated is my kind of day.

Although I don’t currently have a black cat, these special kitties do deserve as much attention as they can get.  I have always loved black cats, is this somehow linked with my love of Halloween? Hmm.

Growing up, my family had lots of cats. I believe we peaked with 16 at one point. Yes, that is a lot of cats for the average mortal, but my mother was the cat whisperer, or the crazy cat lady, both apply. Every cat we owned was claimed by someone in the household; however, they all really only paid attention to their “owner” when my mother was busy. She was their leader; my father, my brothers, and I were just fill ins. At least we got name them.

Why were black cats considered bad luck?


For most of history, black cats were considered good luck. This changed in the

middleages. Thanks Black Death and Witch trails. Poor cats get blamed for everything, but black cats caught the brunt of it. It is no wonder cat appear ambivalent to humans. We have been horrid to them.


Do you have a black cat? If so, give them a little extra love today, if they will accept it. Since I don’t have a black cat, I will just give my crazy orange tabby as much love as he will accept, and maybe some extra treats, as long as he does not beat up the dog.

For the curious, October 1st is National Black Dog Day.


What to read more about black cats? Check out some fun facts at Petco and a fun article my mental floss.

Have the urge to adopt a black cat for yourself, or any animal really? Petfinder is a great tool to find shelters in your area!

Picture of black cat taken from


    1. We should have Halloween every month. It would be a mandatory day of fun; most people need more fun. Thanks for stopping by.

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