The Process of Life

A few days ago, I was talking to a friend about life’s difficulties. We all have these types of conversations with friends; someone is having a bad day and begins listing all of life’s problems. Like some freak hail storm that pelts you with varying sizes of ice, they toss problems at you without giving you a chance to dodge or respond. 100_0544
As the receiver of this information, I typically just respond with some apologetic statement, “Wow, that sounds like a lot. It sucks that you have to go through that.” If they are a close friend maybe they will get a blanketing pep-talk. This day though, for some reason, I decided to change it up. So instead of apologizing or trying to cheer them up I said, “Well, Life is a process. What you worry about now will not even be on your radar in a few years. Stick to your goals and later you can laugh at yourself for worrying so much.”  Now, I am normally not a blunt person; however, I had heard this person’s worries many times before and their worries seemed never ending. They are an evolving worrier. Going through life, their worries never seem to stop. The worries evolve to include new things and turn into a gigantic worry snowball. Unfortunately for my friend, this left her in a constant state of stress. After my response, she just looked at me. I thought she would add me to her life of worries. Instead, she smiled and started talking about how some of her more silly teenage worries like the way she walked, her butt shape, and even her cat’s thoughts. She seemed amused for the first time in weeks. Her worries were not unimportant but they seemed to surround her and block her view of everything else in her life. These walls of worries were blocking her goals. A goal is easier to achieve if you don’t have a climb walls to get to it. Each wall you climb is tiresome and puts off achieving your goal. Everyone has worries. Some of us struggle to not be restricted by them. To do this, we must acknowledge our worries and walk past them. Instead of a worry wall, we need more of a concern curtain. We can see our concerns and feel them but they don’t block our goal. We walk right through them to our goal. My friend had built a castle of worries and could not even see the sun. She will always be a worrier; however, I hope one day she will be able to break down her walls and see how truly amazing the life around her is. Life is a process of working for goal after goal. If you let your worries become walls, they will block your goal. If you acknowledge them and move past them, they are only a curtain that may scare you but will never block your path.

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