Four Days Until Write Off

pen-clip-art-pen-clip-art-10NaNoWriMo begins this weekend. Are you Ready? Of course, I am not.

Sometimes, I think it is more fun to just plan things and not do them, like vacations. They are so much fun to plan, but never seem as fun as you planned them, possibly because actually going on them spends real money. I make infinite amounts of metaphorical money but not a lot of real money.

Writing can be the same for me.  I love thinking about the bones of a story; however, the push to flesh stories out can be tough. Part fear and part uncertainty, my reluctance is multifaceted.

  • Has the story already been told?
  • Do I have the skill to tell it?
  • Will I finish it?
  • Will anyone like it?

These questions and nagging obsessions are what NaNoWriMo is about. You could have all the wrong answers to the nagging questions in your head, but it is about you and writing. We must hone our muses and to do so is not a passive task.

Happy Planning

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