How to get back on the blogging horse

Wait...It is time again?


Wait...It is time again?
Wait, It is that time again? Should I have protective equipment?

Building a habit is often seen as one of the most difficult challenges in life – rebuilding old habits is like hitting yourself with a book over and over again hoping you will start missing. This is where I have been lately with blogging. After giving myself the summer to adventure and ponder, I said that in September I would return to my old blogging habits. Now that it is September 28th I have to ask myself if this counts as starting on time?

Sure, why not?

Now that I am pressing these keys into somewhat understandable words, I will continue my blogging journey.  The goal is to post at least once a week, pending my loving cat does not decide that my time is up. I guess, I am not back on the blogging horse.



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