The Flaw of Inspiration

A burst of inspiration hits me. I scramble a writing implement, vomiting my idea on a blank page. My eyes shimmer with excitement, hope, and eventually fear. With every brilliant idea comes fear.

The fear of failure IMG_0163


The fear of success.

Writing is never as easy as society presents it, so many emotions before a writer even begins crafting.  Many cling to the euphoria feelings coming from beautiful ideas, becoming addicted to these feelings.

If  not careful, we rely on these inspirational moments to drive our writing process.  When fear inevitably follows our dreamy state, we assume our beautiful idea is flawed.  This is the moment of choice:  beat fear over the head with a keyboard, or sit and wait for another ‘better’ idea?

Few inspirational ideas can withstand being betrayed by their creator.  The illusion of perfection is too strong.  Those who succeed don’t rely on perfect ideas, but on the challenge of imperfect ones.


How do you deal with issues of perfection in your writing process?

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