7 Phrases Forever Changed by Entertainment Writers

UntitledDuring a recently discussion with a friend, I thoughtlessly said, “Just Let it go”. Of course, she broke into song and started belting the lyrics from the Frozen song, “Let it go.”

After laughing, I came to a realization.  “Let it go” was just another saying ruined by those crafty entertainment writers. We will not be able to it for at least twenty years, without someone being tempted to burst into song.

Of course, plenty of phrases have been warped into puny, almost unusable, phrases. Everyone has different phrases that trigger memories embedded by various forms of entertainment. These phrases show how entertainment, and advertisement, writers can forever change a common phrase into something forever linked with their work.


Here are 7 of my favorite phrases.


“Who ya gonna call?” From: Ghostbusters (1984)

This simple question always makes me want to scream, “GHOSTBUSTERS”. Even after thirty years, most people I know still can’t use this phrase without some wise-ass, mostly me, giggling or screaming Ghostbusters.

“I’ll Be Back” From: The Terminator (1984) 

Maybe, I know a lot of weird people. Even though most of them where not alive during 1984, Almost all of them will say this line channeling Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Will this poor line ever be separated from its abused robot past?

“Who’s Bad?” From: Bad by Michael Jackson (1987)

Even after 27 years, we are better off asking “Who’s good?”, rather than risking, “Who’s bad.” This phrase might cause an 80’s dance-athon. If you are lucky you will a tiny giggle and a, “You know, I’m bad.”

“Just Do It” From: Nike Slogan (1988)

Nike’s marketing people were crafty when they took this phrase and warped it into a worldwide annoyance.

“Who Let the Dogs Out?” From: Who let the dog out by The Baha Men (2000)

Thanks to every baseball stadium adopting this song, we will never be able to ask about the person who let any dogs out, ever.

“My precious” From: Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (movie: 2002 book: 1954)

Prior to my introduction to Tolkien, I would have loved to have been someone’s “precious.” However, that was ruined by super creepy Gollum. As a matter of fact, the word precious has been warped for me, forever.

“Let It Go” From: Frozen (2013)

One of the most recent phrases taken, I can’t hear this phrase without the melody popping in my head. I hope this one fades fast. This was a common staple for me. It was the nicest way to tell people to, “Get over it” without being insulting. What will I do without it?


What are your favorite phrases adopted by entertainment and altered forever?


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