International Day of Happiness

We all want a little happiness!

Today, March 20th, is International Day of Happiness. It even has a website!

At first, I was a little wishy-washy about an International Day of Happiness. I focus everyday on being happy; why do I need a day to remind me?

Interestingly, according to the website you could also call this International be happy with what you have day.  The website encourages happiness though non-material means. Going against the monstrous American consumeristic society takes guts; I am all for it.

So today, I dedicate to everyone in my life; family, friends, furr babies, and even myself. People who bring happiness into my life are my true treasures and today is their day.

Revlon and Cover Girl tell me happiness is beauty. But, I think happiness is lounging with a dog in my lap while trying to read a good book.

What does your Happiness look like?


Who chooses what days are dedicated to what? Hmm

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