Going With the Muse

Lately, I have been overtaken by various forms of required reading and writing. Typically, I would love nothing more than to get lost in my creative 103muse. However, because I am a perpetual college student, I am forced to read all types of weird things, and write boring pieces about them. At least some of them are interesting, Walt Whitman might jumble my brain sometimes but his work is quite interesting.

So, what happens to my creativity when I am forced to read and write pieces that are not of my choosing?

It rebels!

Finally, I found time to sit down and start a short story.  Unfortunately, my mind was obsessed dark and moody things. So, I went with it, and ended up with a main character who was a psychotic, incestous, carnival clown — Not at all my normal style.

For the sake of not psychoanalyzing myself, I didn’t question the content that my mind spewed; I just let the story write itself. Even with its weirdness, I a committed to finishing it; I feel like it is a therapy piece.

What have I been reading that could possibly bring about such dark and gloomy thoughts? Nothing about clowns, but a lot of medieval stuff mixed with Walt Whitman and Edger Allen Poe — Maybe this is the magical evil clown reading mix?

Creativity is a fickle creature, and somewhat entertaining. I hope I can finish the story before my mindset changes.  If not, it will be another me writing it, so it will not be as interesting. I don’t know if the story will ever be seen by any other set of eyes, but it will be interesting to go back and read in twenty.

How do you handle your creativity beast?

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