The Obsessive Music Listener

Ever loved an artist so much that a few weeks into your obsession you realize you have not listened to anything else? If not, welcome to my method of listening to music. The same artist over and over again, sometimes the same song. Many moons ago when I first heard Adele, I listening to her, and nothing else, for six months straight; it almost drove my partner insane. Eventually, I do phase out and, for a while, I am a normal music listener; but, there is always a new song on the horizon that requires my constant musical attention.

Now, my musical focus is on Nerdy Indie artists. YouTube might have a tons of embarrassing-to-watch musical acts; but it does have its share of gems.  Maybe in my “old age” I find it more appealing to support artists that are trying to make their dreams come true through non-traditional means; It is like supporting the underdog.

My current obsession is a YouTube Duo, The Doubleclicks. Lucky for me, they are less balladish and fall more into my particular nerdy taste.  What adult does not want to hear a song about dinosaurs? Ok, Maybe it is just me. This I can blame on my partner; he bought the CD for me. This means he is obligated to listen to it with me, for a time.

Here is the song that I can’t get out of my head. Enjoy! If you follow any awesome You Tube artists post them below!


  1. I recently backed their Kickstarter. Yay me! LOL. I love the Doubleclicks too. I listen to them all the time on Bandcamp. 🙂

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