Those Who Worship the Groundhog

February 2, Punxsutawney Phil saw a shadow, but it was not the shadow of winter; It was the shadow of who he use to be, before he was kidnapped, brainwashed, and made a furry cult idol. My name is Margaret, and he is my son, Patrick.

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia.

For those unfamiliar with the groundhog cult, They are a club in Pennsylvania that force a groundhog into a whole, then make him come out to predict the weather, archaic practices. This ritual happens every February 2, on groundhog day. They refer to themselves at ‘The Groundhog club’ and their Inner Circle is comprised of old men who maintain the cult’s practices, and secrets.

Patrick’s story is not unlike many groundhogs who have been brainwashed into the Groundhog Day Cult. Many of our youth are kidnapped and never seen again, until their changed faces show up on television wrongly predicting the weather. This tradition shadows every groundhog parent’s raising of their child, “Will my child be taken?” The cult’s claims of  ‘Phil’ being over a 128 years old is an obvious lie. Each generation two, sometimes three, children are taken to be adopted into the cult. They are taken from our homes and brainwashed into being Punxsutawney Phil. The groundhogs apart of the cult are typically small in number, but there is always one Phil and two apostles.

Patrick was once a spunky cub; who never liked to stay in our family den. His friends adored him and still talk about his charisma and kind heart. I still vividly remember him receiving an award at the end of middle school; he was voted most likely to succeed. He was so proud, and so were we.

He was just a struggling sophomore in high school when the cult kidnapped him. The police did all they could do when searching for him, but in the end we knew. We heard nothing from him after his disappearance.  Until Groundhog Day, February 2, I had not seen him since his disappearance 8 months prior.  There has been some investigation into where the cult resides, but their secrets are well hidden.

Patrick was never interesting in Meteorology; the weather for him was part of the joy of life, unpredictable and unforgiving. His interest was archeology. He often joked that he would be the one to find the lost city of Pawtlantis. He would have made a wonderful Archeologist; his curiosity for other civilization always drove him. This is how they hooked him in the beginning; using his innocent curiosity as a lure. Even after being warned all his life, he fell into their trap. This shows how good they are at their jobs, and no one knows how.

My heart is hopeful that one day Patrick will return to his family, my mind knows better. It is not until this cult is stopped that our cubs will be safe. We need to save future generations from this groundhog worshiping cult, how many more of our children will be brainwashed and called Phil before we take action?

Love Groundhog Day? Check out Phil’s Website!

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