Ducks Who Demand Respect, and People Who Love them

It was a mild winter day when I met Franklin, a most fascinating duck.  Whether our meeting was by chance or established by the stars, none can tell; however, our meeting was most entertaining, and demanded I question the ethical practices of ducks in a pond.


The largest duck in the pond, Franklin demanded his respect. Did you know that ducks too worry about bullying? During my relaxing time, Franklin not only bullied the other ducks for scraps of human left overs, but he also appeared to enjoy peeking whom ever was closest to him. As I watched this Duck drama unfolding, I wished one of them would Duck-up and put Franklin in his place. One well placed peck could have put this handsome devil straight, but none seemed to have feathers strong enough to confront the dashing destructor.

The Family.

Of course, like any woman who loves a bad boy, I watched Franklin’s escapades for almost an hour. His attitude seemed to be equally mean to both sexes, which made me like him more. The other ducks did not appear to be scared of him; they just quacked at him when he acted up, like most of us have to do with inappropriate family members.  You just don’t hurt family members, I guess.

I am not an avid duck watcher, but his antics were better than most television shows currently on, all that was lacking was some sort of vampire duck.  They all seemed to be investigating something unknown to their watchers,  maybe their next act will be in a CSI Duck Drama.

The ducks did act like a huge duck family. I assume if I had paid more attention to the other ducks, I would have found at least one under the influence of some mind altering substance, this is New Mexico after all.  Not all the ducks were interested in the bread being tossed about, these were the hippy ducks, very common in any Southwest family.  There were no ducklings, so I assume there were some stressed mothers and fathers chasing after teenage ducks, poor guys – hopefully, they are teaching them not fly towards the big metal birds. My Franklin was the family asshole, and my favorite; Some women never learn. At least, I resisted the urge to run into the pond and nag him to behave.  That would have been an awkward moment for the other people relaxing around the pond.

Who knew ducks could be so entertaining?

What do you do to get away from the day-to-day demands of work and/or school?

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