7 People We All Run Into in Public


When life makes us go into public, at least we have interesting people there, to keep us from feeling like a herd of cattle!http://www.flickr.com/photos/library_of_congress/3512939188/sizes/z/in/photolist-6mqJr3-77ixBZ-77ntCC-77ntLy-77ntNN-7aY2fY-7iETtH-7nPjQa-7xyuh2-7RqhFn-7RtxxU-83PCZe-8XjXzp-dWmUcs-dWmUcj-dWggep-dWmUc9-dqJmup-dK7d2x-dqJkxR-aPg1Ra-dqJnpV-dqJx9w-dqJnyx-dgWqWn-7xCmTG-bVpDQU-8ny3NB-8asbfh-8amGLS-dm6er4-a2H9wU-aMUuQ8-89iVFA-88HYpJ-apwXYx-drUs4h-8LQkv8-8ctdf8-dp5Jkk-cWkPNb-edq8gd-89iV8o-7Rtxxq-bo6m7C-drAnsh-7z6itt-cvtfns-91wFDi-7NcPyp-axCAhm/

The Talker: These are one of my favorite types of people. There is something amusing about hearing one end of a conversation, that automatically makes it sound dirty, to me.  Of course, the Talker is not doing anything wrong, some people just have voices that cut through all sounds. I never try to listen to people’s conversations, but if your voice is interesting and says any of the phrases my mind finds important, my mind will constantly be pulled towards your conversation.

The Singer: Oh, you people that have no inhibition to belting out a tune in public. The singing quality never seems to matter to the public singers of the world. Most are in some musical land, sheltered from the world by their headphones. These people possess the confidence that most of us want, and do so with such unapologetic ease.

The Walker: Named appropriately after the Zombie type, these are the folks who always take a moment to smell the flowers, even with a crowd of people walking behind them. The world is trying to rush into oblivion behind them, and they seem to be walking, slowly, just for enjoyment. Secretly, this is the person I want to be, but am always in too much of a hurry.

– The Conversator: According to my partner, this is me. Having the talent to start a conversation with anyone, never caring if that situation is creepy or inappropriate. Who doesn’t get stuck in a long line and decide to strike up a conversation with any human near them? Just me?

– The Crop Duster: These are the worst, and funniest of all! I was standing in the game aisle in Target the other day, just minding my business. When a toxic odor began to invade my poor nostrils! I knew I did not release an atomic smelling gaseous order, but at the other end of the aisle was a lady giggling to friend. I don’t know who decided it would be fun to play a fart and run game, but I was both grossed out, and proud of them.

–  The Stander: The opposite of the walker. The stander does just that, stands. Ever rushed around a corner and almost run into someone, because they are just randomly standing in the middle of a bustling walkway? That is a stander. They seem to be one of the few types of people that can completely filter out the world, and go into a dreaming yet awakened state in the middle of a horde of walking people. For me, standers always seem to pop up halfway around a corner, just far enough away for me to think the corner is clear.

– The People watcher: Alright…This is me. People watchers love to just stare at people, for varying reasons. Some might like to check out fashion, some might be practicing their Sherlock skills, other might find that humans in hordes are about as interesting as ant farms. You can sometimes spot people watchers by just glancing around. If you make eye contact with the same person over and over again, they are probably a people watcher (or just checking you out).

Can you think of any others?

Which one are you?

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