How I Get in the Mood…… To Write

Yes, the turtle is a necessity, as is a Rubix cube.

The scented candles are lit, the wine is uncorked.  The lights are dim. I am sitting on the floor preparing, to write.

One might guess with such a romanic setting that I am in the middle of writing an epic romance, and they would be wrong. I am currently working on a YA, or just Adult really, goofy-ish Spy novel.

My romanic setting is less romantic and more relaxing. As I dim the lights, it brings my computer screen to the forefront of the room. I have less distractions, and am typically left alone by my fur children. This is my creative mood; it draws me in and refuses to release me until the clock screams, “It is 3am. Go to bed!” and sometimes I don’t listen.

My creativity seems to come in two ways. First, a flash, brilliant and beautiful. I always have a small unlined book near me to write anything that comes to my brain. This is the easy method for creativity. It just appears out of no where. Unfortunately, due to being human, I must wait for these creative flashes.

The second type is more like a steady slug. I tell myself I am going to write and try to get completely relaxed. The words don’t always flow easily, but I find myself putting words together. Sentences form, and soon enough time has swept away the wee hours of the morning.

Tonight is for the second type. It is less about forcing myself to write, and more about letting go control. Setting aside distractions and allowing my creative self to take over. This is how I get into the mood to write.

How do you get into your creative mood? Do you have rituals to your creative self?

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