How can you make your day more exciting? Go paparazzi on your pets.

Stalking around the apartment, I knew silence was essential. My knees hurt from trudging the taupe carpet. “Patience and silence” I repeated over and over to myself. Waiting was key, as I longed for nap-time to end.

They slept in their natural habitat. Pillows, blankets, and beds littered the apartment. I knew what they were capable of.  I had been bombarded by them in the past, even the small one never thought twice before attacking with licks. They were dangerous, but I knew maximum cuteness could only be obtained during their awakened states. I longed for nap-time to end.

It started quickly. All it took was one eye creeping open; then it began. The small one spotted me first. Huddled behind the couch, suddenly, I was not safe. I had interrupted nap-time.

They were slow to rise. One meowed while the other two stretched in preparation. I knew this was my only chance. My finger twitched on the camera button. I needed to take the photographs before I was overtaken by them. Their cute factor was increased in their half asleep state. This is what I had trained for. Yet my mind longed for the safety of nap-time. 

No Animals were harmed in the taking of these photographs, only me.




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