Castello Di Amorosa…Wine Tasting in Napa Valley, CA.

Today, I had the amazing opportunity to attend my first wine tasting. My love of wine is not as refined as most wine enthusiasts. Despite this, over the years I have learned, through many good and bad bottles, what I like and what I would rather pawn off on already drunken friends.

Welcome to The Castello di Amorosa, The Castle of Love.IMG_0254

Committing to a wine tasting was a little intimidating. I can tell a dessert from a red, and even talk about its level of dryness. However, talk to me about anything else and I will give you my patented nod and smile, to save myself from looking like a fool for not understanding.  I was lucky enough to not only get to taste some nice wines, but also explore a castle; Who knew there was one in California, complete with torture chamber?

When I grow up, can I be the queen of the wine castle? Most likely not, it seems like this castle already has it’s royal family.

IMG_0090 IMG_0097 IMG_0099

It can’t be a real castle random birds? Can it? The owner must have thought, “When people first come to my masterful wine castle, they must first pay tribute to my farm animals.” And so we did. They were pretty cute chickens tho.

The castle was beautiful, and filled with tourists.  It seems every other tourist had the same idea as we did. It was fun roaming. In true tourist style, I spent most of my time trying to take odd pictures. Am I the only tourist that only tries to take bazaar pictures? Of course, the only device I had was my iPad, so I was an extra annoying tourist!

Yes, A trash Can!
Yes, A trash Can!IMG_0209IMG_0158IMG_0141

The wine tasting was a little odd.  The crowded room gave the tasting a rushed feel. The long counter was attended by three men who gave you the option of trying five wines. My group chose the sampler, which pretty much consisted of two reds, two whites, and a dessert wine. The attendants were too busy to give much information, but it was definitely educational. The wine tasting lasted, at most, 15 minutes. Even with the rushed feel, it was still interesting. I enjoyed all the wines and had a lot of debates on wine shipping at the gift shop.

My favorite part of the visit was not the wine, which was very tasty, it was the environment. The castle was on par with some of the smaller European castles I had visited. It had an enchanting feel that made it feel much older than its actual age.

If you ever find yourself in Napa and want to check out some good wine, and an interesting place, Castello Di Amorosa would be a great choice.

Anyone else do any adventuring during the Holiday Season?


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