After Vacation Musings

Are you Done?
Are you Done?

After arriving four hours late, thank you Southwest, I am finally home from my nine day trip to California. It was a fun whirlwind trip to different parts of California. However, sitting on my own couch in the silence of the dark morning, I realize I missed my own space. It is a moment where the peace feels close to divine. Well, divine until my dear sweet orange striped tabby friend, Victor, finds I am out of his sight. Then come the real cat-calls.

My fury BFF has never been the needy type. He permits me to give him attention whenever my heart desires, within reason of course. He is a cat that prefers to chill and let the trouble come to him. Except right now, he demands that I make up for the lost time by a lot of petting constantly, and never leaving the same room. I expect his behavior will continue for the next two or three days.

During this time of extreme cat overload, I think of my non-cat-loving friends. They are unable to understand why I ‘put up’ with my feline’s behavior, as if I had a choice in his behavior? These moments remind me of the life-long lessons humans are taught by their animals everyday.

My poor striped attention beggar has had two boring lonely weeks, without his dogs and his humans. If he was purely driven by instinct, he would have been satisfied with his cat-sitter.  He has taught me, and retaught me, that being understanding, and willing to work with others, is paramount. I don’t ‘put up’ with this behavior; I understand that while I was on vacation he was lonely and missing his family. Who would not be unhappy? He needs reassurance and love to help him feel secure, and I am happy to give it to him.

Hmm, Maybe everyone should have a cat to teach them how to get along with people! Of course, I am not sure if I want to force some poor kitties to put up with horrid people; this might be more complicated.

Now that Victor is finally asleep next to me on my couch, maybe I can take a nap. Wish me luck on my at-home couch surfing. Hopefully, I will be able to sleep in my own bed in a few days! Get some extra sleep for me.

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