Merry, or Happy, Something or another

English: merry christmas
English: Merry Christmas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is the best and worst day of the year.  Months of building anticipation turning into so few hours of needed fun and family. A day for togetherness, and missing those who could not be with us. Grief and Love wrapped in a colorful fragile ball.

This is also the day my brain begins to acknowledge that the year is coming to an end. The process of reflection begins, and self-promises too.

Who was I 365 days ago?                                                          What promises did I make to myself?                                       What did I do to fulfill these promises?                            What did I fail at?                                                                     Who am I now?

Those brave enough to reflect on these questions will be rewarded with disappointment and hope.

Whether you accomplished all, or none, of your 2013 goals, give yourself credit for being closer to your better self.

Happy or Merry __________.

May you cherish those around you, and take time to remember how awesome you are, before the end of the year scrutiny begins.

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