What does your free time say about you?

Dream girl
Dream girl (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

As child, the ideal of being a hard worker was the most important lesson my parents consistently taught me. Work ethic and pushing myself to the limit would make all my dreams come true, so they said. While this is true for some people, for many of us work is just a series of required actions, followed by a mediocre paycheck.  The most defining aspect of a person is what they do when they are not working. Do they use that time to better themselves and those around them?

With our short lives, what we do in our spare time is more important than anything we do at work. Do you take the time to take care of yourself? Do you work towards a better you? Taking the time to develop into a better version of yourself can seem never ending, but by helping to better yourself, you are bettering those around you. You are the only guaranteed character in your life’s story; make it an uplifting story.

Spending our extra time to help someone else can be a exciting and fulfilling experience. This is often a difficult concept for many today. We don’t live in society that favors doing things for others. We are doers for ourselves, work hard and you can do anything. A messed up version of ‘survival of the fittest’. Dedicating a few hours to the welfare of someone is easier than it sounds. Sometimes it is as easy as having a conversation with someone.

Inevitably, the free time we have is limited.  What we choose to do with those precious moments is what makes a good life, a great one. Dedicating your life to bettering yourself, and those around you can sound difficult at first. But if each person made the commitment to themselves and their community imagine the beauty that would come out of it. Happiness is contagious and can be spread through touch, conversation, and even smiles.

What do you do to better yourself, or those around you?

Check out this article with a few volunteer websites!


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