An Albuquerque Guide to Snow

My all year shoes!

I woke up this morning to a desert winter wonderland! We don’t often get snow down in the city (silly mountains steal it all) so those of us city dwellers are typically unfamiliar with how to deal with it. We are comfortable with our mild winters; if we want to bundle up we will venture into the east mountains. To help my fellow New Mexicans, I have put together a list of helpful tips for our snow going experiences.

#1 Put away the flip-flops and sandals. Yes, most Albuquerquians  do it. We are fortunate most of the year to be able to wear flip-flops and sandals. Put on real shoes. You know, the ones that will prevent your toes from turning blue. I have seen people showing off their winder pedicures in below freezing temperatures, your toe color should not match your toe nail polish.

#2 Get a real coat, a hooded sweatshirt is not a jacket. Maybe this is directed at me, but I know I am not the only one. My ‘winter’ wardrobe has tons of hoodies, but no real coats.

#3 Invest in a pair of gloves. I know it sucks to have to front money for something you will use, if you are lucky, once. But after the snow is gone, there are many other uses, like hand puppets!

#4 Lounge around the house with animal treats. For animal owners, we know the warmest place in the house is next to our furry friends. Since they are not willing to share enough of their fur to keep us warm, keeping treats will encourage them to lounge with you! Note: The treats are not for you. Pay your animals for their warmth and they will prove better than the best eco electric blanket.

#5 Snow men are not actually people covered in snow. If there is a person walking around your house covered in snow, you might want to be wary of anything they offer you – P.S. snow is typically not yellow.

#6 To my Hippy friends, Candles and Incense do not make good heaters. Lighting every candle in your house, to try to warm it up, is ineffective and dangerous – Especially when mixed with my above recommendation of hanging out with animals.

#7 Stay at home. I was not going to mention this, but after asking a friend for tips, all he could think of was the interpretive driving that goes on in NM, without snow.

#8 Enjoy! The snow will be gone too soon. Get out there and have some fun.

I hope all my Albuquerque friends are having a happy snow day! If you have any tips for New Mexican snow survival post it below!

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