Eris, the attention hound

Eris, the attention hound.

The Dog: Eris

The Situation: Human Game Night

The Mission: To be the center of attention the entire game.

The Result: Victory! Received twice as much attention as all other animals combined.

My apartment is home to two dogs and one cat (he is more like the house deity, really). My old dachshund, Sam, is mellow. He just requires a scratch on the head occasionally. My cat, Victor, tends to stay out of the way, only disturbing people to occasionally rub against anyone that is allergic to him. That leaves Eris, dutifully named after the Greek goddess of discord. She is a blue heeler, energetic and needy.

Being an annoyingly smart dog, she has learned that most humans love dogs that like to cuddle. This creates a problem when we have guests over. Living with her, I am immune to her charm (most of the time), and I know how to say no. Other People are captivated by her cuteness and get pulled in. After a while they realize that unless someone else takes over, she will never leave a human who has petted her, even if the person doesn’t have anymore love to give.

Last night, Eris was in her element. Three new humans to train and plenty of time to do it. Everyone was warned upon entering; our dog is needy, but if you ignore her she will go away. Few can resist a cute furry face. Eris cuddled from person to person. If someone ignored her, it was not for long. Just a look at her and she was back with her signature finishing move, a leaning cuddle combo that few could resist.

It took five hours, but she eventually did wear herself out. Being that cute must be hard work. Some people have attention hounds of their own, but I still worry that people will misunderstand my strange furry child. At least Eris had fun, she had a room full of people wrapped around her paw in a few hours. I would love to tell her they did not come just to pay attention to her, but why break her heart?

Anyone else have weird animals?

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