Steam Sale!

The Steam Store just started its fall sale, and I am crazy trying to figure out what games are worth watching for. This is serious business for us PC gamers. I mean like puppies in sweaters serious; it is business time!

English: Steam logo
English: Steam logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For those who are unfamiliar with The Steam Store, it is an online game store that has epic sales on downloadable PC games.

They have week-long sales that make gamers put their lives on hold. It is not a normal sale; Everything doesn’t go on sale at once. They keep everyone on their toes, waiting for certain games to go on sale. A game you want might be listed at 40% off during the first day, only to find that on the 2nd day it is 60% off. Exhilarating and Frustrating, you learn quickly what kind of sale is best to buy from, and when it is okay to wait.

I don’t have any games I am specifically watching for. I have been wanting to pick up the most recent Skyrim expansion, the most recent Civilization expansion, and possibly Castlevania but I never know what I will get. The only game I have picked up so far is Walking Dead. Unlucky for me, I just picked up The Stanley Parable last week, without waiting on the sale…Sad Sad Sad.

Are you following the Steam Sale?
What are you watching for?
Do you have any game recommendations?

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