The season of Guilt

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas! (Photo credit: Kelvin Servigon)

The Holiday season is the season of guilt, and wine. There is the stressful anticipation of the events. Followed by the awkwardness of the events in process. In the end, you have bizarre memories you will soon rewrite into happy ones, for the sake of your sanity. Then blanketing it all, you have the guilt, about almost everything

It is the season of family, well at least part of it. The feelings of guilt arise from having to choose who you will grace with your company. Those who are out of our reach, will be lucky to receive a phone call. We all know the amusing phone calls.  The person you are calling is just as busy as you are, but politeness requires you call them, interrupt their day, for them to say “Yeah, Happy Holidays to you too. I gotta go. Let me call you later.”

Gift giving is also like wading in a sea of guilt. Yes, I grew up hearing, “It is the thought that counts.” but we always attempt to predict the type of present we will receive, and try to give one of similar caliber. This mind reading method of present buying often leads to embarrassment. Questions like: “Is so-and-so at a gift-card level?”, “Are they a $25,$40, or $75 dollar level?” and my favorite “Shit, They said they had a gift for me. I did not know we were at gift level!”

Of course, the Holidays are always rescued by dogs in Christmas sweaters who are on cloud-nine destroying poor rawhide Santas. To them it is just a chance to get more treats than normal; The easy life!

At least the Holiday marathon is in full swing, prepare yourselves,with wine.

Happy Holiday Season, and remember the only guilt you experience is the guilt you give yourself!


  1. Nothing we do should come attached to guilt. Guilt is a burden we shouldn’t have to bear.

      1. There are plenty of others willing to punish us – Marie. I understand what it is you are saying about insane standards. As a male submissive I am not burdened by self punishment or insane standards placed upon myself, nor all my own.

        There are many out there who compel me to rise to their standards of what and I must be and do. And which I submit to willingly.
        some tell me it is a good outlet for their frustrations and brings a rise to their self esteem.

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