Random overhearings Vs. Richard II

Oh flimsy concentration, Why do you wane and force me to overhear the strange parts of people’s conversations. Today while having lunch on campus, I tried to get some study time in while I ate.  Headphones, Laptop, and food were my weapons to keep me focused on Richard II.

Portrait of King Richard II and Ralph 1st Lord...
Portrait of King Richard II and Ralph 1st Lord Lumley hanging in Leeds Castle 1 (Photo credit: mharrsch)

For the most part they worked,  except for the random tidbits of conversations that seeped into my head between songs.  It is humorous what tidbits of conversations my brain finds exciting enough to focus on, some to even bled through my musical defenses.

While any sentence heard out of context can’t give any information about the speaker, listener or subject, It was interesting to see what my brain felt was interesting enough to hear. Few were more interesting than the extravagant Richard II, but there were some zingers.

Here are a few of my creepy overhearings

“Yeah, She is a freshman invite her.” (two men) Hopefully the invitation is to the zoo? Or maybe to a study session!

“Oh, She was just upset because she had to shop at Target” (two women) I am upset if I can’t shop at Target. What is wrong with me…

“I don’t know where she fits that ass, I mean where” (two women) Well, I assume she fits it in pants? or maybe a skirt. Where else would one fit an ass?

She does not know me, It’s not like I am a textbook.” (group of four) Philosophy or Engineering major? 

I just told her to wipe the grease off it and stick it in” (Male to female) Ok, I know it is my mind that makes this dirty. Bad Bad mind.

After two hours of attempting to focus, I gave up. At least my animals at home will not drag my mind away with words that I can construct into random stories. I guess my mind was not ready to focus on poor King Richard.

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