NaNoWriMo Day 5

After five days down, I am happy to report that I am on goal, and falling asleep.

The difference in this writing marathon and other writings, for me, is that spending hours in front of my computer is different than popping on and off my computer all day. I am a multitasker. I love doing a lot of tasks as once. NaNoWriMo is teaching me to focus on one task, writing.

Also, Normal writing can be mulled over and manipulated later. Not for me; I decided that I would not edit one word of my novel, and it is driving me crazy. The editing will be done after november is done, and I have caught up on all my missed sleep.

Writing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)be set aside to be mulled over later. This can not. I have just enough time to put all my ducks in neat matching rows. By the time that is done, I am done too!

Of course, there is a positive side to this all. It is fun, or maybe I have just lost my mind. Paying little attention to what you know will need to be modified later allows me to stay in the moment. I feel more emotions for my characters. Hmm, maybe there is something to this single tasking thing.

Editing will be the not so fun process. At least my insanity will keep me happy until then. How is your writing going?

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