Random Smells

I am always fascinated by smells and their ability to pull me into memories, some I don’t remember having. Most of us have had those moments; The smell of a rose reminding us of a special date, or a purfume that pulls us back into a old relationship.  My favorite of these smells are the ones that pull me into the weird yester-years of childhood.

Hamster Commun
Hamster Commun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Crayons, scratch and sniff stickers, dirt, markers, your favorite childhood meal, even the smell of kool-aid can bring some of us back to a dirtier, yet more adventurous time. As a child, I was known for smelling everything (which got me into trouble at times lol). As an adult, I can’t explain my weird smell every bite of food before eating it thing, but at least it is funny in retrospect. Today, while working around the house, I smelled the weirdest smell I had not smelt in almost 20 years, hamster pee.

I have not owned a hamster since I was a kid. So, I was surprised as tried to be a bloodhound walking around my house. My partner, having never owned a hamster, was a little weirded out and questioned my sanity for a few minutes. Such a random smell, I questioned if somehow we were being invaded by ninja hamsters! Dogs beware!

It took me a while to figure out the smell (of course I could not give up until I found it).  To be honest, I was quite disappointed when I discovered the cause. As it turns out, I had lit two incense sticks that clashed terribly.  I am not a fan of hamster pee, but it brought back memories that I had long forgotten. I feel like part of me was hoping to find a cute hamster stowing away in my house.

What smells bring you back to childhood?

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