What is Toastmasters?

China: Toastmasters Dalian Club -
China: Toastmasters Dalian Club – New Member Kit. Toastmasters International has a new logo (Photo credit: SoniaT 360.)

In my last post, I said I was at a conference; In my desire to maintain a short and focused post, I neglected to share what type of conference I was attending. I am currently in Santa Fe, New Mexico, attending my district Toastmaster’s conference. No, It is not some elitist breakfast conference where we eat toast and scoff at those who choose jelly over marmalade(well, there may be toast in the morning but, it is never masterfully done.) It is a gathering of people from my Toastmaster district (district 23) that focuses on education, socialization, and public speaking competitions.  So, what is Toastmasters?

A simple question, “What is Toastmasters?” with as many answers as there are members. Yeah, that is a politician’s answer, but it is true. The only truth I can give you is mine. Toastmasters is an organization that focuses on bettering its members through learning leadership and communication shills.  Oh, there is also that pesky MAIN focus on public speaking.

This is where many people will think I enjoy terrorizing myself. Nope, I am just as scared of public speaking as the next interoverted, overly self-concious, nerdy writer. However, learning to be a better speaker can benefit every walk of life.  Job interviews, communicating at work, class discussions, articulating feelings and understandings are just a few of thousands of reasons people get involved in the organization.

For me, It is about being able to articulate myself and having the ability to speak in front of other people, without cowering in fear.  My Toastmaster’s club provides me with a safe, and fun, environment to fail and try try try again. So after only a year of membership, I seem to enjoy the fun, and the failure!

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