Oh Santa Fe

For a person stuck in the rut of the everyday, travel can be great temporary escape.  Even a weekend reprieve can make the months following clearer, and more tolerable. But what if you are traveling to a wonderful place only to sit in a hotel, never getting to rub elbows with the city’s charms? Those that take frequent business trips will understand; telling someone you just returned home from a trip will win you admiring and jealous eyes.  It is difficult to explain to someone that you were there, just being held prisoner at a hotel for meetings or a conference. This is where I am right now.

English: Santa Fe Plaza in 2006
English: Santa Fe Plaza in 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Santa Fe, New Mexico, has always been one of my favorite quick get aways. Even when I come here for fun, I don’t have time to do everything!  So now, here I sit in Santa Fe with little hope of actually seeing the eccentric art-loving fun. My time will be filled with a conference.

Don’t pity me quite yet, I wanted to attend this conference and am enjoying it, but it does not settle my wandering urge. For those that have never be exposed to Santa Fe, it is a eccentric and beautifully confusing city. Being from Albuquerque (about a 1.5-2 hour drive), Santa Fe reminds me of Albuquerque’s little sister that ran off to an Art university and got a PHD in everything offered, then refused to return home to its ugly old family. It is the stereotypical beauty of the Southwest, mixed with the ideas of the artistic populous that it is inhabited by.

To be so close to something lovely, only to be able to see it from afar, can be frusterating. I suppose there is a silver lining, free food and housekeeping.


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