The Fun of Failure

Few people will admit they do things knowing they will fail.  Those that need validation go out of their way to succeed, in everything. There are some aspects of life that are important to succeed at: education, career, and love to name a few. What of everything else? Is Failure an option? –Yes.

English: A mini golf yard by Via del Castello ...
English: A mini golf yard by Via del Castello in Cortina d’Ampezzo in 2009 July. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am the queen of failure, and I say that happily. The pressure of doing everything correctly is haunting.  With enough pressure seeping down our shoulders, who needs more? Take for example my monday nights, Every monday night, a group of friends and I go to a bar and do a silly trivia game (I love Geeks Who Drink!) The group is very diverse: two smarty pants computer geeks, a worldly dancer, a witty soon-to-be lawyer, a mystery novel writer/wiz, our never wrong current affairs (and geography) guru, and me (I bring the comic relief?). We are a group of educated nerds, from various nerd genres. Even with this stacked in our favor, we always loose (often quite badly) — We love it.

Why do we subject ourselves to the torment of loosing, weekly? It is humbling to be demolished weekly by strangers, but for me it is more than that. It is about doing something fun without the pressure of success. Ever played mini golf with someone that was determined to win? If not, you are missing out on an entertaining evening! I don’t place my self-esteem in the hand of winning everything I come across. Failure is an option, and often the best option, in hindsight. I was very fortunate to loose my first ‘love’ to another girl, hindsight tells me he was not the cool guy I drooled over. Think of where you would be if you succeeded at everything, would you be happy?

Often failure leads us to better things, while teaching us how to be our better selves.  I am not saying that everyone should be strive to fail at everything, that would not make for a happy world. However, allowing yourself freedom and flexibility from the ridged human eat human world is as useful as a panic room during a zombie apocalypse; it provides peaceful bliss until you have to venture out into the hungry populous.


  1. What you say is very true. It would be a very boring world if we succeeded or failed at everything we do. There would be no need for us to learn. That is why I can say, I am proud of the things you have learned, not only from the mistakes but also the successes. That is what makes us all human.

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