The Horse Race of life

The sequence is set to motion using these fram...
The sequence is set to motion using these frames (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My life as a late has been a convergence.  Every major event that could happen, decided to happen at the same time.   At the tail of all the happenings, I can look back and feel accomplished (and mock too). The stresses that plagued me a week ago are amusing memories that I knew would be laughable after the race ended. I often ponder (after it is over of course) if stress is as important as breathing.

Stress in life is a abstract concept. It can be an emotion, a state  of mind, an expectation, or even a need.  Pulling from an old mental health training, I understand that there are two different types of stress, Eustress(good, motivational) and Distress (Bad, harmful). Even with the knowledge, it seems impossible to step back and tell yourself that what you feel is good and motivational. During a stressful point, I don’t think it safe for anyone to tell me how good the situation is for me. Reflections must be closer than they appear, because afterwards I find myself missing the demands and often seeking out new ones. Are we programed to swap one stress for another? Can there be a balance?

While a life of stress sounds frightening, a life without sounds lifeless. Many people talk of being able to balance stress but who has that power? Like asking life to pace itself, it seems impossible to achieve such as state of clarity that one can be the rider and not the horse. Unfortunately, Unlike a horse race, I have no trophy to hold up in the end. I have enough time to take a deep breath, before new stresses occupy my stress free zone. The best we can do is survive, life being our only trophy and stress our constant companion.

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