Are all words Art?

"The Alcoholic Blues" sheet music co...
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My partner and I got into an friendly debate recently about the poetic element of song lyrics.  Should song lyrics be considered art when separated from their music?

His argument was that song lyrics should not be looked at apart from their music.  Him being a poetry buff and a song writer, he argued that to consider lyrics on their own merit was to only view half of the piece.  He stated that the music and rhythm add too much to the overall piece to just simply discard.

Of course given that it was a debate, I disagreed (Sometimes it is more fun to disagree!).  I agreed that a song in all its elements could be considered a piece of art however, I felt that the lyrics and music could also be viewed seperately. As prose or poetry, I find many songs that have amazing lyrics. Being a writer, I argued that any unique combination of words could be considered art. The lyrics should not be dependent on the music to accompany it.

Set in our views, We agreed to disagree.

For all the artists out there, Should a piece of music be looked at only as a singular piece? Or can music be broken down and each piece considered on its own merit?


  1. I believe that music is an art.. It is a part of our history just as we consider George Washington or George Bush a part of history. It tells about our feeling or happening during the time it was written,

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