Calming the Beast

For the last two nights, I have been told off by my cat, Victor.  After arriving home from a weekend away, he seemed over joyed to see me. At first it seemed like a, “I missed you, Welcome home!”  But after getting home and petting him for a few hours, I wanted to go to bed. Unfortunately, he took up protest outside my bedroom door. The meows were not the sweet ones I received on my arrival home, they were annoyed, even angry.  How dare I leave for the weekend then plan on sleeping!IMG_0023

After an hour of grumbling for sleep, I knew how it would turn out.  My partner had to work the next morning and I work from home, so I would have to placate Victor.  Blanket in hand, I left to calm the villainous monster so the world could live in peace.

This has gone on the last two nights. I go to bed and he wakes me up with his angry meows. I make a bed for myself on the living room floor to silence him. I try to keep him quiet though playing and petting so my partner can get sleep for work. I sleep when he sleeps and his meows wake me up should I oversleep.

Right now he is sleeping in his bed, I feel like dripping water on his head every couple of minutes to keep him awake! But he looks so cute while he sleeps, I must not stoop to his level. My friends who do not have animals are always amazed at the lengths pets owners go though to keep their pets happy.  Victor does so much for me; He lets me live here and pay his rent!  What else can a human ask for?

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