Please, San Francisco Adopt me!

Grown woman seeking adoption, only San Francisco need apply.  I can provide many services that would benefit you and your current children: Wit, a hatred of onions, in-depth knowledge on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, an interest in social issues, intelligence, a preference for cats over all other living creatures, knowledge of the unintelligent side of humans, an addiction to college, a willingness to replace my blood with coffee, long angular toes attached to short stubby feet, freckles, a dislike of most popular music (except Adele and Lady Gaga).  Please respond quickly to prevent my return from vacation. I can also provide cupcakes…everyone likes cupcakes right?

Out of fog Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge a...
Out of fog Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco in fog and crepuscular rays. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Each time I visit San Francisco, I grow to love it a little more.  The city feels like a live entity.  Glance behind the tourist curtain, and you will see a personality akin to a rowdy lovable friend, even the cops appear friendly.  Chatting with the locals, you see a genuine love of their city. I could spend the rest of my life there and still not have enough time to fully experience what it has to offer.

Having traveled a lot, I have experienced many of the brilliant cities the west has to offer.  To know a city, peek into its real streets; talk to the locals.  You will hear ambivalence, “Yea, the city is okay.” During my trips to San Francisco, I feel like those who live here don’t do it simply out of necessity.  They want to life here.

I understand there is a dark side to all cities.  Most of my visits to San Francisco have been plagued by mere glimpses into the issues that come out when the tourists are safely locked in their hotels. Even so, I feel a love and desire to toss it all away and fall into the awkward loving arms of San Francisco. One day my partner will come to my way of thinking, if not there are always padded handcuffs.

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