Why am I not packed yet?

Ever have a day that feels so busy during, but at the end you realize you completed nothing?  That was today.  I leave for a weekend trip tomorrow, Yay California. I completed everything around my house that was not on my to-do list. I do not keep a physical list, although sometimes I think I should. I am typically good at juggling tasks in my head, not today. Poor time management, preventing dreams and sleep for thousands of years! Who has time to learn to deal with time?

Inspirational Quotes about time Benjamin Franklin
Inspirational Quotes about time Benjamin Franklin (Photo credit: hot4sunny)

Time management has always been a weak trait for me. I always questioned why It was never taught in school.  Kids of all ages would benefit greatly from learning how to manage their time.  As adults, we seek out time management programs, but by this point we are stubborn.  The steady iron pole stuck in the ground.  Under the illusion of being comfortable, stuck in the same dirt. Many people rust away never knowing there is any other way.

There is a plethora of time management programs. Browsing my local bookstore, I am always tempted to buy a book on time management.  I never do.  There are dozens, each program with its own acronyms, goals, and accolades. The cover of the book always appears to be patting itself on the back, it knows it is good. Browsing through the books, there is normally a paragraph warning you that it is not for everyone. Does a time management book really need a loop whole? It appears to have the same lack of commitment that I do!

I do have friends that are huge advocates for certain time management systems. One of them keeps four different checklists. What happens when I lose half of them? I already have five different notebooks/notepads(and almost ten stacks of post-its) and 22 various published books on my poor desk.  I don’t see adding anymore books to my madness being healthy! Maybe I should just start with a simple to-do list, on paper. 🙂

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