Night Owl Rantings

young Long-eared owl (Asio otus), surroundings...
young Long-eared owl (Asio otus), surroundings of Warsaw, Poland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

     I am a self-diagnosed night owl.  The peaceful feel of the night draws my creative mind to its peak. Writing into the wee hours of the night, my goal is to be in bed a few hours before my partner wakes up.  I maintain the peace created by the absence of human consciousness.  If only the world was flexible for both the day and the night people.

     Every morning is a struggle for a night person.  My sleep is frequently interrupted by a chorus of sound.  Landscaping seems to be someone’s hobby (the grass can’t have grown that fast?).  Children run around screaming (I need to move to a place with year round schooling!).  People calling, first thing in the morning, giving unimportant information that could have been done at a better time (don’t I put a best time to contact me on most of these thing?).

     Recently, I have had issues with my apartment manager calling.   She asks if I am available to give maintenance access to various parts of my apartment, because another unit is having issues. Once again, I am regretting my ground floor decision. However, I am not silly; I understand some things need to be done. I happily agree and offer to do what ever I can to ensure maintenance can do their job. I am not bothered, until they do not show up.  They requested. I screwed up my schedule, but they never ensured they actually needed in my apartment.

     My favorite part, they never call when they realize their mistake. I am left, half asleep, waiting for a knock on the door.  Can’t sleep because I am worried I will miss their knock and can’t drink coffee because I will have trouble getting back to sleep.  I suppose a courtesy call to say thank you but no thank you is too much to ask.

     While serving in the military, I lived in a tiny dorm room.  The manager of the dorm had each person’s schedule and ensured the area was kept quiet during the night AND the morning.  Us night shifters were given displays to place in our windows so we were not disturbed unless absolutely necessary.  I understand this is the normal world, but I often think about hanging signs on my door and all of my windows asking people to be respectful of those who respect their peaceful sleep.

     Of course, there is an easy solution.  I could adjust myself to a more “typical” working schedule. An option in theory, but the tranquility of working at night would be sorely missed.  There are so many things to do during the day where night is reserved solely for work.  I like this distinction and know the benefits out weigh the negatives. Signs still don’t seem like such a bad idea! 🙂


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