The Challenge of Motivation

     A Challenge went out by fellow Blogger, Opinionated Man,to answer one or more of the prompts provided. While most of the prompts itched to be answered, one seemed more relevant to my life. What motivates me?

      When thinking of this question many words swam in my head: family, friends, dreams, and desires.  Even as I acknowledged that these things motivate me, 100_2019I knew there was something missing.  What was so important that it connected all these and other words that are absent from this list?  The stories behind them.

       Whether it be my life story or a fictional tale, Stories help me see possibilities that are hidden.  What are dreams if not the hopeful stories we tell ourselves?  Looking back at my story drives me to be a better me.  Hearing people’s stories always makes me feel privileged, helping me see the world outside my box. Each human that walked the earth had a unique life, worthy of being told and heard. The stories of those around us draw us to them.  Whether it is a person similar in story or our love of the opposites, we are drawn in by their stories and sometimes even given major roles in their tales.

     Sometimes it takes a fictional story to push me through the fear that comes with change.  Being witness to outlandish larger than life stories, whether it is through book, movie, or song, fills me with the energy to do more, be more. At the end a good story, I feel like a child with endless possibilities. Their tale becomes mine, filled with dragons to slay and new worlds to discover. Their growth is mine. This connectedness may seem odd for some, but doesn’t everyone leave a Kung Fu movie wanting to learn to be a Kung Fu master?

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