Internet Addicts Unite!

I am proud to be an Internet addict.  Put me on YouTube or Reddit and I will unintentionally waste hours. Of course, I am not alone in this addiction.  There are many people just like me that are willing to post random slightly interesting videos and stories to pull their fellow addicts in.  They are the bartenders to our all ages Internet party.

  I don’t get swept away everyday, however today was one of those days.  I spent two hours on YouTube (yes… mostly watching cute animal videos) and another couple of hours Blog and website hopping.  It was not until I had wasted my morning, and part of my afternoon, that I was able to rip myself away.  Grumpy at myself for not being productive before the sea of cute swept me away, I started to inquire why.

This image was selected as a picture of the we...
This image was selected as a picture of the week on the Farsi Wikipedia for the 13th week, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

     My first instinct was to blame boredom.  I had nothing important to do. So, I surfed my way around the Internet looking for something, and seeming to never find it.  Despite my to-do list pending, I was unsure why I ignored life around me for random information .  I did not know the question or the answer.

      Why does anyone start their day with a “quick” look at NPR and end up watching cute animal videos for hours?  My conclusion, most Internet addicts are curious creatures.  We love hear about the latest two-faced cat born, antics of a distant politician, and see what meme is currently being used and abused. It is a hobby.

     Growing up my parents enjoyed puzzles.  Dozens puzzle books laid around the house for who ever felt the urge to finish them.  Spending hours finishing word searches, anagrams, or crossword puzzles was not uncommon. It was one of my parents’ hobbies.  Never picking up on the love of puzzle books, I turned to reading first. Then in my early teens I got my first computer and developed a new hobby, surfing the Internet.  Reading swept away into another land.  The Internet allowed me to look more intimately at my own.

     Currently, Surfing the Internet is seen as a waste of time. Anyone spending more than 5 minutes on CNN or Amazon as lazy.  The next time someone asks me what my hobbies are I will proudly state that I am an Internet surfer and dare them to scoff.

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